Revive Group:

We believe that discipleship thrives in community. Each week, you will gather with your Revive group to discuss what God is revealing to you through the daily devotionals, journal and prayers.  Through the group discussion questions and conversations, you will grow with God as you journey with your Revive group.


Daily Devotionals:

Every day there is a daily devotional.  This material is designed to bring you in contact with the power of Gods’ Word which transforms our hearts through the Holy Spirit. After each devotional, there are questions to help you respond and meet with God in prayer. We encourage you to take time every day to work through the Revive devotionals, pray and journal.  It is this daily discipline that God will work in you and bring revival to your heart and life.

Discipleship Experiences:

Throughout Revive, there are four Discipleship Experiences that will help you encounter the living God. The Prayer, Confession, Worship, and Evangelism experience will provide interactive opportunities for you to journey with God as His Spirit at work reviving and transforming your heart and life. Two of these are corporate experiences will meet on campus, and two of these can be done in your group.

Revive is for participants, not observers. The Revive journey is a commitment, but it is worth it. Without investment and sacrifice, you will never grow. Yet when you set apart time for God to work in your life, you will be amazed at what He does.